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Summer 2016

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Hi All

I hope that you are enjoying summer which is whizzing by so fast. Music has been very theraputic part of mine, inspiring me to paint how I feel when I'm part of a pop concert and to express what the lyrics mean to me. The series of paintings below are based on Coldplay's current world tour and this summer's pyramid stage at Glastonbury. There are also 25 limitedlimited prints available of each. 


"Adventure of a Lifetime, Glastonbury"

adventure of a lifetime


"A Sky Full of Stars, Glastonbury"

 photo (2)


"A Headfull of Dreams"

a headful of dreams


I painted Monet's garden below many years ago and it has been hanging in my lounge ever since. I have just released 25 limited edtion prints as a reminder of summer and peaceful times.


Monet's Garden

monets garden


Enjoy the rest of your summer!